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Please note that the following classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Not all classes are offered each session.


The exciting world of acrylics unfolds in this class for all skill levels. Acrylics is a fast-drying water medium that can be applied with brushes, palette knives or various tools and enhanced with a variety of additives and is suitable for abstract, realistic or representational painting.

Constance Spencer  

Collage is the technique where works of art are made by assemblage.  The students in this class will dye a variety of papers and then assemble them into a creative art form.  Tearing techniques and value changes are emphasized.


Seeing and understanding line and proportion is the beginning of all drawing.  Students will be exposed to various methods of drawing using a variety of medium.  Texture, value and line are emphasized in this class.
Students will learn to draw and render portraits by working each individual feature and building up to the entire face.

This class will teach the principles of painting the portrait.  Measurement, drawing, painting form and mixing colors will be taught. 


Just as its name implies, the mixed media class combines various mediums and surfaces to create truly unique pieces. Bring your imagination!
Drawing the Figure from the inside out.  Students will develop an understanding of the human skeleton and then will learn to draw the human form from a live model.
Alcohol Inks  

This is an exciting medium where you create beautiful effects by dropping alcohol into special inks that have very vibrant colors. Paintings are done on tile or Yupo paper.
Our oil painting class teaches a variety of oil painting techniques with an emphasis on color, value and paint application.  The class offers opportunity to learn different approaches to painting a variety of subjects.

Our oil painting class teaches a variety of oil painting techniques with an emphasis on color, value and paint application.  The class offers opportunity to learn different approaches to painting a variety of subjects.


Paint on location in the tradition of the Old Masters.  Learn to capture the light and movement in your painting by seeing your subject in its natural form.
Students will work on projects that will fulfill the requirements for art colleges.  Different mediums, subject matters and techniques will be explored.
Discover the beauty of transparent watercolor painting.  Watercolor lends itself to many different techniques so this class teaches a different watercolor technique each 6 week session.

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“The medium of collage is full of unplanned and astonishing creations in color and texture.  It allows me to forget about the outside world for a while and be part of a unique camaraderie of other encouraging artists, as we discover our creative selves.  If more people created art, the world would be a better place!” 
Rebecca Carter
“I didn’t realize how much I was missing in the world until I started to paint it.  My true inspiration has been the teachers at The Art Room. I have taken most of my classes from PJ and Coni. They never stop surprising me with encouragement, knowledge and inspiration. I would not be painting, if it were not for them. All of the teachers at The Art Room are so talented and really know how to teach. Thank you to all of the teachers!”   
Heather Johnson
“I escape from everything when I do art.  I forget about EVERYTHING when I am in the art zone.  It is very rewarding and I love the other artists and the instructors at The Art Room.  I am inspired by the variety of styles of the different artists I paint with on Thursdays and the mosaic artists I create mosaic with on Tuesdays.  It is so exciting to realize YOU can create art!”
Julie Green

"Collage class at The Art Room is awesome!  I have learned so much from Allison about creating beautiful collages from torn dyed papers.  The setting of the class inspires creativity and there is an easy going, fun atmosphere at the Art Room."

Ilene Dym Rand

"WOW!  I thoroughly enjoy my watercolor classes with Linda!  This is my third year to attend, and although I studied art long ago, I had never worked seriously with watercolor until a friend told me about this class.  I have learned so much about color and transparency, and am trying to be more spontaneous and loose with my paintings.  Linda Ziglar is a terrific teacher!  She is always positive and helpful, and often has a good remedy to suggest when we make mistakes.  Linda encourages us to “get out of our box” and try new techniques, subjects and colors, and we learn something from every new painting.  I love my Thursday mornings!"

Marian Wagster
"I love love the Art Room!!!  I've been attending classes there for the last three years and I can't begin to tell you how great it's been.  I've taken watercolor, acrylic, collage and mosaic classes.  The teachers are amazing and the people I've met in class are great.  If you ever thought about taking a class this is definitely the place to come!!!"
 Pat Burton
“Linda and Connie are amazing!  They are so inspiring and encouraging.  Somehow, they are able to pull out the inner artist in me and it always feels so good.  I’ve taken several classes and can’t wait to get back again.  This place is a true ‘gem’ here in Windermere  .”    
Shannon Atkins Vandergrift

“Absolutely love Allison’s class!  “Painted Paper Collage”.  Now on the third class and the third project!  Big thanks to Allison who has such a vision & talent!!!!  She truly has taught us so much about this wonderful technique- Thanks to The Art Room- terrific place!!!!”

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