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The Art Room is proud to feature some of our fantastic students on this page.   These artists have done some outstanding works of Art and we would like to share their successes with you.

Reyna Martin

Reyna is born and raised in Orlando.  She first starting enjoying art on a first grade field trip to the Orlando Art Museum.  That was the day that she decided that she wanted to be an artist. She majored in art at UCF and received her BA in Art.   Reyna has worked at Walt Disney World for 20 years in costuming.  She currently supports all the entertainment costumes on the Disney Cruise Line.

Reyna loves working in oil paint and textiles.  She also enjoys photography.  When she is creating art, she feels happy and relaxed. Reyna says, “Art is a stress reliever for me….a way to escape and clear my head.”

When creating and enjoying art Reyna has learned that, “ Art is subjective, and you are always your own worst critic.  Have fun with art, experiment and try new things.  No one is perfect and perfect is boring….Everyone is an artist.”



Morgan remembers enjoying art when she made a pony and did a really terrible job.  She was 5 years old and threw the pony away.  Then when she was 6 years old, she tried again and made a great pony.  She also remembers making fish in the big sea at her school.

Watercolor is her favorite medium.  She likes to paint different colors on top of colors to make new colors because watercolor is transparent.  Her favorite subjects to paint in watercolor are fish, ponies, mermaids and her most favorite subject to paint is dogs.

When Morgan is doing art she says she feels creative and kind.  She says, “I feel like I can make it good and it makes me smile.”  She likes to do art to relax at night and sometime she says, “to relax and then keep going and keep going and keep going.”

Morgan enjoyed art camp at The Art Room this summer.  She loved making dogs in the Dog Days camp.  Morgan also enjoys Mr. Cooney’s sculpture classes.  Morgan is a very creative and dedicated artist and she works hard to make her art better and better.


JULY 2020
Bo Faulkner

Bo has always had a passing interest in art and loves museums.  In 2016 he went to the Chicago Institute of Art and was so blown away.  He particularly was blown away by the Monet paintings and the realism of the Rembrandt paintings.  He knew then that he wanted to take up painting.

He took his first class against everyone’s advice in oil painting and really hasn’t found anything that he likes as much.  Acrylic dries so fast.  Bo likes the time flexibility that oil gives you.  When he started painting, he had a cheap set of paints and a gallon each of industrial paint thinner and linseed oil.  Now he uses artist grade Gamblin, Winson & Newton, Chauvin and Lukas colors.  Since taking classes at The Art Room he has started using Liquin and Liquin Impasto.

When doing his art, Bo says, “I forget about my problems and focus on the work.”  He feels happy when he paints.  He says, “If you don’t like something, paint it out.  To steal from ‘The War of Art’, a book that has been very motivating for me- ‘The muse has to find you working’.


JUNE 2020
Sandi Baier

Sandi first started enjoying art in high school however, she does remember painting a horse at her grandparents in Sant Rosa, California when she was 10 years old.

Sandi’s favorite medium is watercolor.  She says, “It has such a luminosity.”  Colored pencil is another of Sandi’s favorites because of the minute detail she can achieve. 

When asked how she feels when doing art, she said.  “I become quite focused when painting.  Painting in watercolors can be challenging…’the thinking person’s medium’.  I am determined to improve with each painting I create.  When I finish a painting, I am happy with……. I feel so accomplished.”

Sandi has learned many life lessons from doing her art.  She has learned patience with herself and with the medium.  (Even when she feels herself becoming frustrated.)  She has also met some wonderful supportive friends through painting.

Sandi says, “With every new piece, I learn a new lesson and have a new experience.”


MARCH 2020
Mary Martinez

Mary’s earliest memories of loving art began in kindergarten.  She was a shy, quiet child and one day the teacher took one of her drawings and held it up to the class to announce how beautiful it was.  She hung it on a special bulletin board for everyone to see.  Mary felt so happy and that feeling persisted every time she was able to create something.   Mary loves photography, stained glass, ceramics, crafting or scrapbooking.  Art has always brought her indefinite joy.

Mary has been taking classes at The Art Room for about a year now.  She has enjoyed taking an array of classes.  She says, “PJ’s drawing classes have strengthened my art foundation. She has taught me perspective, shadowing and so much more.  Having better drawing skills helps everything else. In Linda’s oil painting I’ve learned to focus on value and pay attention to composition. PJ’s acrylic classes have taught me to work with color and focus on techniques such as glazing and mark making. Linda’s watercolor classes have made me appreciate the translucence of the medium. Every amazing artist that has shared their talent in the wonderful workshops has added to my treasury of art nuggets.”  When asked which medium Mary likes best, she said, “it’s hard to pick just one, the buttery smoothness of oils, the looseness encouraged by acrylics, the transparency of watercolor, they all offer something to love. I can’t even wait to try one of Allison’s collage classes. It’s a work in progress, still learning and enjoying the journey.”

Mary says, “painting or drawing the mind escapes and leaves everything behind, all my worries are forgotten. The focus becomes the brushstroke, the shading, the color; the hours turn into minutes and time melts into creativity. There is a sense of renewal and achievement after time at the easel.”

“Art often imitates life or life can imitate art, either one works.  When painting mistakes happen and there is nothing that can’t be fixed with a little turpenoid, water or a q-tip. You can fix it or embrace it, work around the “mistake”. In life you do the same, fix it or embrace it. We grow from our missteps, there are no failures just lessons.  I had an unexpected change in my life and fortunately found The Art Room, it provided a place to heal my soul and feed my mind. I am forever grateful for the wonderful team of talented and warm human beings at The Art Room”


Greta Shores

Greta has enjoyed art as long as she can remember.  She loves oil painting, watercolors and clay.  She enjoys them all but really finds clay the most satisfying and watercolor to be the most surprising and challenging.

Greta remembers her favorite quote from Goethe, ”When being creative, it is counterproductive to obsess about perfection.”    Greta paints with a very keen eye and has learned to conquer her painting through perseverance and thinking ahead when she does watercolor.  Her colors are soft and her values are very strong. 

Greta says, “I have been a student for many years at The Art Room, attending classes and workshops from time to time.  I always come back to enjoy the company of artists of all levels in a welcoming atmosphere.”


Jim Martin

When Jim was a child his father picked up a paintbrush one day, dipped it in some acrylic paint and started painting…..something inside of him just gave him  the desire to express his creativity.  Jim thinks he just picked that up from him.  When he was 12-13 years old he dabbled off and on in art throughout high school and into his adult life.  When he retired, he had promised himself he would take some art classes and so that’s what he did and here he is at The Art Room.

Jim wanted to do something new and different so he is trying his hand at watercolor.  He knew it would be challenging, “but it’s that challenge that drives me.  I don’t think I could have envisioned a better environment.  The other students are so friendly.  I just enjoy being around them.  Linda is a talented and supportive instructor.  I love that she shows us her success as well as her failures.  She’s taught me to literally paint outside the lines and lets me know that it’s okay to not play it safe.”  Jim loves watercolor because the rules are different and that not only excites him but it gives him freedom to think outside of the box. 

Jim says, “When I’m painting, I feel calm and at peace.  I can block out the rest of the world and just concentrate on my art.”


Jerry Podgorski

Jerry has always enjoyed a good drawing or painting but was curious how it was done.  After retiring and not being able to draw even a stick figure, he signed up for a Drawing class in January 2019.  Jerry has continued to take art classes ever since.

Right now, he is enjoying pencil drawing.  He likes to improve his drawings and in particular, his portrait drawing.  He has just started taking oil classes so his favorite medium may change over time.

Jerry says, “When concentrating on my art project nothing else matters, everyday problems or concerns are put aside.  When finished, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”   He goes on to say, “No matter what your age, there is always something to learn.  Nothing is impossible with the right tools, training and determination.  I also look at everything  differently now, like color and shading and I think, how could I draw or paint that.  I can see how far I have some since starting the classes.”


Laura Hobbs

When did you first start enjoying art?   Back in elementary school.  I loved art class in school.  That made me want to take even more classes at The Art Room.

What mediums do you enjoy?  Which do you like the most?  I enjoy acrylic, watercolor and sculpture.  I love to draw and sketch the most.  I love drawing out different characters from my imagination.

How do you feel when you are doing art?  I feel focused.  It really makes me feel calm sometimes.  Life is really crazy and when I am creating art, it is my little peace in the storm.  I also love to create something that is my very own.  I do not have to follow everything that someone is doing, but it is my art from my own mind and heart.

What life lessons have you learned by doing art?  That every mistake I create in my drawings, it actually creates another facet to my drawings.  It can actually add to my pictures.  So, not every mistake is a bad mistake.  You can always learn from mistakes and make things even better the next time.


Helena McCabe

Helena has loved art since she was a little girl.  Her mom said she gave her crayons when she was a baby and she was hooked on coloring right away.  It was always her favorite subject at school. 

Helena loves clay and colored pencil but oil painting is by far her favorite.  She took her first oil class on a lark about a year ago and it was immediately the thing that had always been missing from her life.  Within a month, she had set up a studio at home.

When Helena paints she says, “Like time stops.  Whatever I’m worried or stressed about just vanishes…. I’ll look up and it’s five hours later.  It’s like for a while the entire world is just the colors on my palette and my subject.”  She says the art has taught her that good things take time and any mistake can be fixed.  “All of my paintings look terrible for a long time before they look good.  We’re so adapted to instant gratification, but it’s really rewarding to work hard on something for a long time.”

Helena says you’re never too old to start painting.  She found painting at 30 years old and she is learning a ton.  “Don’t be nervous to try something new as an adult.  The people at The Art Room are inviting and want to see you succeed.”


Jaime J. Davis

Jaime has always loved creating art whether it is painting or sewing. Unfortunately, after college and working a full-time job with 3 children, art was put on the back burner.

About two and a half years ago, Jaime started art classes again. She has been experimenting with watercolors, collage, oils, alcohol inks and acrylics. Jaime says, “I love them all!” She enjoys the softness and transportability of watercolors. She joined 2 plein air groups and enjoys being able to go places with her watercolors. There is also something about oil painting that is really pulling at her too.

Jaime says, “Art/creativity makes me happy. I get lost in it when I’m painting. If I’m having a bad day….it all goes away when I paint.” Art has taught Jaime patience. She says, “I love seeing something come to life from a blank canvas. It makes you feel accomplished.”


JUNE 2019
Maryann Carter

Maryann began enjoying art in her adult life as she went to museums and shows.  One of the most powerful memories she has was her first visit to the National Art Gallery.

Maryann enjoys clay, sculpting, throwing and very recently she has begun to enjoy oil painting.  She started painting in oil about a year ago at The Art Room and she is hooked!  “I love learning.  While painting I feel focused, free and it gives me an opportunity to express a creative side-very different than I use in my every day work.  I still need to learn to relax and accept the ‘mistakes’ along the way,” says Maryann.

The life lesson that Maryann has learned from doing art is that time is the most valuable thing we have.  “It should be spent well.”  Painting is time well spent always!

Maryann is learning so much about values and colors.  Her work is vibrant and you can see her inner strength in her paintings.   “Art helps you look at the world differently, “she says.


MAY 2019
Anthony Strada

Maryann began enjoying art in her adult life as she went to museums and shows. One of the most powerful memories she has was her first visit to the National Art Gallery.

Maryann enjoys clay, sculpting, throwing and very recently she has begun to enjoy oil painting. She started painting in oil about a year ago at The Art Room and she is hooked! “I love learning. While painting I feel focused, free and it gives me an opportunity to express a creative side-very different than I use in my every day work. I still need to learn to relax and accept the ‘mistakes’ along the way,” says Maryann.

The life lesson that Maryann has learned from doing art is that time is the most valuable thing we have. “It should be spent well.” Painting is time well spent always!

Maryann is learning so much about values and colors. Her work is vibrant and you can see her inner strength in her paintings. “Art helps you look at the world differently, “she says.


APRIL 2019
Layne Fess

Lynn has always enjoyed art and how it taps into her creative side.  It was her favorite class in school.  Layne says, “It only took me until I was 49 (last year) to actually join a class…and I’m, so glad I did!”  Layne’s grandfather was an oil painter so that is why she chose that class.  “It makes me feel nostalgic,  I love the intensity of the colors and how well they blend.  My next challenge is going to be watercolors though.  I am in awe of the watercolor pieces I see at The Art Room.”

Layne finds creating art very relaxing.  She says that it takes 100% of her focus.  ”It’s nice to have two hours a week that is solely dedicated to creating and to be surrounded by such talented and encouraging artists.  I always look forward to Thursdays!!”

Layne says that art has definitely teaches her patience.  “I’m a very slow and meticulous painter and am learning with every stroke.  I love the freedom in class to make mistakes and even learn my own style…which involves a lot of q-tips and turpenoid corrections.”

“The Art Room is an exceptional place to paint and create.  I have never been around so many talented individuals that encourage and truly enjoy one another.  It very much feels like a family!”


MARCH 2019
Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy is an Interior Designer by trade and has always been interested in art.  In 2008, Karen took her first art class at The Art Room with Linda.  She says that is when her whole perspective leaped forward.  The class was way out of her box as she had very little talent as an artist, so she thought….she quickly felt a huge sense of accomplishment and was pleasantly surprised at her painting ability.  She has been painting at The Art Room every sense.  Karen says, “I feel like I now have an extended family of friends.  It’s like returning to college at an older age.”

Karen enjoys painting in acrylic and oil.  She tried Maria’s alcohol inks this year and really enjoyed them too.  ”PJ”s acrylic and abstracts/acrylics class was a new awakening with so much freedom of expression or present accidents!  When does that happen in life!  They mix medium with charcoal, pastels, acrylics and collage paper.  It was so rewarding to see all the different techniques combined in underlays with an amazing outcome.”

Karen says, ”I can honestly tell you painting has done more for me mentally than any therapist or antidepressant could ever do!  I’m not saying this loosely as I’ve read studies how it helps the brain relax and heal. If I find myself overwhelmed with design work I have to stop and say what am I not doing in my life to keep the balance? When I add the art classes back in, the balance returns.”  Karen has a studio set up at home so she can access it throughout the day.  “It’s been stated that when you are painting the other side of your brain can’t work through your stress issues. When you sleep, it’s still processing these issues however when you’re painting this stress side of your brain completely stops! NO WONDER IT IS HEALING!  Art is a “HIGH“ that I will always crave and be connected too!” 

Karen has gained a lot of insight in life from art.  Art has taught her patience and helps her work through learning something new .  She has learned not to be too critical of herself and that everyone is an artist to their own degree.  It has totally changed the way she sees the world. She says, “I see objects now with lights and shadows and depth and beauty daily!  If I watch the emerald water of the sea, I am processing how to put it on canvas.”

“Art at The Art Room has given me friendships and I have gained so much LIFE, from painting with my family members (6) and developing great new friendships . 

The Art Room has truly changed my life, by embracing the creative side along with the emotional balance.”
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"I've been taking classes at The Art Room for almost a year now and I could never say enough great things about this place! The classes are fun for all skill levels and the instructors make sure you leave with a piece of art you love. I am constantly learning new techniques with every class I take. My kids (ages 6 & 9) love the classes too! The instructors are so patient with the kids and really help them learn and understand why they are doing what they are doing. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxing. Everyone is very encouraging of each other. We are all there to learn something new and create something beautiful. Each instructor is different and has a different style, but they are all extremely talented! They will never make you feel intimidated and will guide you step by step to an amazing piece of art."

Brooke P.

"I adore working with the ladies at the Art Room. Linda, PJ, Connie, and Alison are just amazing teachers. I have taken their oil, drawing, portfolio, acrylic and painting like the masters classes and have learned so much in each and every one! They have done the amazing and pulled an artist out of me... cannot say enough about how wonderful, talented, encouraging and patient they are." 

Nancy McEvoy

"Absolutely love this place! Everyone is so nice and encouraging. The Art Room is the perfect place to unwind and learn something new!" 

Brooke Waites Phipps
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